Nov 8, 2010

Nossa Casa Our home

This is the drawing-puzzle completed!
I would like to take this opportunity and give a special thanks to all those who made Mi Casa, Su Casa possible!
Thank you guys! Hope to see you soon in a near future! Maybe in another home ;)

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Thanks to Cinthia (on the left) and Vinicius!

Thanks to Florian!

Also, thanks to
Aichi Triennale Organization
Sao Paulo Biennial Foundation
Studio Iduts

Greetings after long absence

Hi Guys,
Yes, I know that I owe you the last pictures of the project.
During the exhibition, I got very sick as you may already know (you can read my previous posts!;). The cold turned into a serious respiratory inflammation called "bronchial asthma". So, since then, I am in 'slow motion'...
But here you are the last news of Mi Casa, Su Casa!

Counting down!

Almost ready!

On this day, the Brazilian Channel TV (IPC World, Inc) came to the exhibition.
I can't post the video of the interview, but you can check their blog

Sep 22, 2010


Hi everyone,
The drawing-puzzle soon will be completed!! Maybe in three days...
These pictures were taken on Monday, Tuesday and today.
Can you see the difference between them? The drawing-puzzle is growing in color and form!!

Sep 20, 2010


Hi everyone!
I am still sick, coughing most of the time... :( I hope I can survive until the end of the exhibition!! hehehe

Since yesterday, we are organizing the participation through numbered tickets (40 tickets per day) purchased before 1pm. It is a shame, I know, but over the weekend more than 300 people visited Choja Machi area, and the exhibition room became a "chaos" from 1pm.
Everyone wanted to participated at the same time...
The 40 tickets disappeared in 5 mins!!

The puzzle-drawing is getting form and color!! Thank you everyone who participated today! We had lots of little guests!
Thanks to Cinthia, who helped me today. She is brazilian and is artist too :) from my city, Curitiba! Also, Thank Goodness at last I had help from a professional photographer! The credits goes to Florian ;)

Sep 18, 2010

3 days and 1 cold

Hi guys,
After the opening, I got very strong cold and couldn't go to the exhibition...
I hope I get well as soon as possible.
Today, I am going to share few pictures of yesterday. In the afternoon, the exhibition room was so full, that people had to sit on the floor to write... Isn't it great?
I mean, of course, I wish I could have a huge space to exhibit and more chairs and tables to offer, but the project has been receiving great feedback, and everyone who visits Mi Casa, Su Casa wants to participate, take pictures... :)
It has been a great opportunity for those (also for me!) who are not so used with "art" to get more involved with the subject. They are less afraid to ask and to share their opinions about what they see.

Sep 15, 2010

The opening!

Today was the opening! Very busy day!!! I was expecting at most 30 people, but more than 100 visited and about 60 participated! I am very surprised and happy with this warm welcome. Soon, we will be able to see the entire puzzle-drawing assembled. Thank you guys!
Also, I am very very grateful with all staff who were very kind and helpful!
Yesterday and today I had another great help from Vinicius. He is Brazilian like me, is graphic designer and lives in Nagoya. Next time, I will post his picture :)

From tomorrow, everyone can participate from 1pm until 5pm.
See you!

Before the opening...

I didn't have enough time to update this blog while I was organizing/preparing the drawing-puzzle. So, here you are few pictures of the process in my home-studio. This process took almost one month!

This is the card I will give to everyone who comes to the exhibition

Now, numbering each piece...

The composition is ready! The puzzle has 150x150cm!! 1520 pieces

Organizing the puzzle by parts

Ready to draw the contour lines

Sketching the composition of the puzzle

Sep 13, 2010


Right now, I am in Nagoya preparing the exhibition. The opening is in two days and I have lots of things to do until there...
Please, wish me luck!

The puzzles for the door prize game are ready!
I made several of them, so everyone have a great chance to get it! :)

Apart, for those who want to purchase one exclusive jigsaw puzzle ( I made only 40 units of this series), check AT Cafe, of Aichi Triennale !

Aug 17, 2010

First step

Hi everyone,

This is the first post of the project Mi Casa, Su Casa!
Here you can follow the development of the project during the exhibition at Aichi Triennale 2010.
From 15th to 26th of September 2010, I am going to be in Nagoya city (in Japan) to assemble the puzzle-drawing with everyone who visit the project. Everyday, I will post some pictures of Mi Casa, Su Casa. So you can check how the puzzle-drawing is "growing"!
I am also going to prepare some special door prize gifts for those who join me!

You are more than welcome!
Your participation is essential for the creation of the puzzle-drawing I planned for Aichi Triennale 2010.

Obs: If you find some grammar mistakes of my English, please forgive me! :)